CHFA/OIT Give-Take Webpage

Possible items donated to CHFA

Most/all computer equipment donated is an AS-IS basis - this equipment will NOT be fixed OR maintained by OIT or any of its off-shoot groups.  We will guarantee that the computer does work upon arrival, and will assist in set-up, but not beyond that point.   Please plan accordingly and you may need to sign a written copy.  Please consider if single-use machines are placed, that we can't guarantee that any additional software will work on the computer. e.g. if it's an email station and the 3D image program loaded doesn't work.

If you have computer equipment  that feels could better be used elsewhere with CHFA, please contact myself.

PowerMac 6115 CD
PowerMac 7100/80
(2) PowerMac7600

Quadra 840AV
Quadra 610

1 apple 14" AV monitor
12 - Magnavox 14" VGA Monitor

(20) generic PC (likely Pentium 133's)

Apple 2 page display 18" - likely B/W

possibly more 7600/133's by Mary

Art History has -

possible 5200/5400 models
possible 61XX models

Requests from CHFA Departments

Art 4th floor Lab -

 Digital Video editing machine computer with fast video dual head card.
CD burner(s) for lab Mac/PC
Wide carriage ink jet color printer - for 12 x18 paper
LCD projector with screen
(nearby) - some email/surfing stations

Journalism Lab - rooms 107 and 109

LCD projector
Digital movie cameras
Digital (stills) cameras


An overhaul of the lab(s)  20-40 units with a standard OIT software suite with FLRC's laid ontop of it.

Professional Writing

shared lab with WinTel with appropriate software
Any machines so he can lend out to underprivileged students
Wireless portable classroom

Comparative Literature

Wireless portable classroom
A/V equipped carts

Translation Center

small lab with partial translation center funds but lacking space


A/V equipped carts
Wireless portable classroom


Upgrade some systems if possible
larger monitors
Bolster existing lab computers if possible

Interior Design

same as Art lab 4th floor FAC
Software packages such as ArchiCAD
research computer in the "Samples" room
Wireless portable classroom
A/V equipped carts