Christoffer's Motorcycle Adventures


May 4-5-6th, (maybe 7th) 2001  Washington DC tour

Plans: -     Stay at a friends/relatives home in DC area  Go touring Saturday with Chris Russell-Wood (go easy on us Chris..), Tim Davies and any others (please join us). Saturday night, I may need to join my host for dinner and dance. Sunday - Breakfast and tour home.  Possible Monday touring home instead.

June 6-9th, 2001 Americade

Plans: - Ride up either Tuesday night or Wednesday-day. Staying overnight at my old college room-mate in Glens Falls, NY. Weds Dinner with ever-so-friendly PC800 gang at the Barnsider. Thursday - Check-in (If I haven't already) - go to TourExpo and buy stuff, possible local unguided touring with anyone interested.

June 16th, 2001 1st Annual PC800 Cape Ann Tour!! by led Peter J.B. Teague
A day-trip that would cover the North Shore to Gloucester, Rockport, and Essex. Possible stop for lunch at Woodman's for fried clams or lobstah.

As a side note for those from the rest of America - I live approximately 120 miles WEST from Gloucester and taking room accomodations at my abode for those who wish to make this day trip into a weekend.

June 23, 2001  Ferrari Challenge - Lime Rock Racetrack (weather permitting, please call me first)

Plans:  a Social Event more than riding. Watch all types of Ferraris on display and on the track in different events. Not likely any crashes, but fun to see these beauties pushed to their natural abilities.

July 12-16th, 2001 Deals Gap with FSL, Tim Davies and a cast of thousands

Plans:  If on bike - leave Thursday, stay overnight somewhere, arrive: Friday lunchtime.
If trailering bike with truck - Thursday, drive straight down to Deal's Gap. (Note - FSL's plans at the Gap may supersede mine) Tour Saturday and Sunday with the gang. Depending on weather, ride/trailer straight or stay over somewhere.  Possible tours include deal's gap (a few times), blueridge parkway, and what-have-you..

July 27-31st, 2001  Iron-man Triathlon Competition Volunteer Lake Placid NY, USA (pending approval)

Volunteer you and your motorcycle! They need as many riders and bikes as possible to move around staff, officials, and media people. I will be heading up on Friday. The volunteer meeting is Saturday AM and the race is all day Sunday (7am to 12 midnight). Monday is resulting and clean-up and there is a volunteer dinner on Tuesday. Look for the volunteer section.

August 3-6th, 2001 Elton Hammond  EKHO Institute - Ontario, Canada

possible participants include Tim Davies, FSL, Greg Castle, and East Coast Canadians
Plans: - I've never been before, but as a pledge, I am brushing up on my mosquito swatting technique. Ride up Friday-day, whatever the grand poohbah wants to do, and then home again Sunday..

September 28-30th, 2001 - 2nd annual
The Great New England Fall Color Tour 2001

tentative schedule
Friday afternoon at 4 to 7pm  - Nine holes of golf at NMH school
Friday night: Check-in and food at 8pm
Saturday a.m.: - 8a.m. breakfast at the historic Shady Glen in Turners Falls and pre-run ride to sugarloaf mtn
Saturday 10 - 10:30 a.m. meet at Java Hut in Sunderland to ride all over Western Mass,  Mount Greylock and Bub's BBQ

Sunday a.m. - breakfast in Shelburne Falls and another 1/2 day to full day tour with visit to Yankee Candle Museum TBD

see webpage link above for more details and places to stay


May - Cape Cod Tour   Scheduled for May, I could do April 28th or in late June...

October - Weekend after Columbus Day - Lime rock racetrack (weather permitting) NASCAR 200 plus some amateur events - usually warm that weekend

updated 8/1/2001