Ottawa Pacific Coast Club & Friends 3rd Annual Gathering 2001

Pics from the President of Massachusetts Chapter (a.k.a. Noodle Boy of the North East)

The trip up was long, but it looked sooo close on the map. I mean, just go up on and over Vermont, skim along the border until I hit Malone, NY and then head for the border..  I budgeted eight hours and made it in seven.

EKH (far left), "Wait, I can't hear the bike..."  TD(far right), "That's because it's not on.."
RP(near left), "Boy, I wish I had them gadgets like FSL does.."  FSL,(near right) "Let's see, the yellow wire connects to the green wire?"

"Wrong way" Tim (left) finally caught up with us....darn
FSL still can't figure it out...

Rob's ST1100, eh, not bad for the husband of a PC800'er....

The full line up

I'm seeing red...who snuck that white one in?

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