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Summer 2001 Newsletter


Mac OSX, is it for me? | AI - the movie and in real life
Good deals on computers? | Computer Memory


The summer has started and here at OIT, the projects are flying around.

Projects on my plate:

Mac OS X   full article...

If you own an Apple Macintosh computer, you have likely heard that Apple has come out with a pretty robust operating system called Mac OS X (ten).  Mac OS X will be able to carry Apple well into the future and for developers of software to take adavantage of the power of X.

It's quite a risk Apple is taking, but I am sure as soon as all the software falls into place and the bugs worked out, Mac OS X will be the best by far for users who want stability UNIX-based core operating system and the ease of a Macintosh. But, it's almost ready for typical home users!

How do you say Mac OS X?

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A.I. - full article...

Movie vs. Reality

Movie - In the middle of the 21st century, people trapped in over-populated floating cities have to live by strict rules aimed at dealing with the population crisis: each couple is permitted only one child. One couple's child dies leaving them to replace their lost daughter with David "His love is real but he is not".


For now, most A.I. programs work on a Software Agent type basis. The software will pick up on keywords and respond accordingly. But does it respond correctly?

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Good deals on Computers
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Hardware Wars - who will win? (you will!)

Times seem to be down in the tech sector. Stock prices are at an all time low. Companies are declaring losses. Dell, Gateway and Compaq are the major players in the mass-market computer industry and are offering great deals.

It seems that Michael Dell of Dell computer wants to draw blood.  Dell is offering a Pentium III 1 Gigahertz (1,024 megahertz) computer with 15" monitor for $699! Dell recently overtook Compaq as the world's largest supplier of PCs through aggressive pricing.

Is a $699 computer good enough for me?

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Computer Memory
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How low can the price go?
Will the price ever go up?

Right now, the American public is looking at the cheapest RAM prices in history

Depending on your type of computer, you can get a 128 megabyte stick for $25 and 256 Megs for an amazing $45. Apple Macintosh prices are similar. New Macs (anything in color) usually can take standard RAM sizes and specs.

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