The Great New England Fall Color Ride 2000
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It's Saturday and a small band of us started at the Main Street Cafe in Northfield, MA. with breakfast - rode up to the top of Sugarloaf Mtn. in South Deerfield, MA  then down to the picture below...

Leaving from Yankee Candle around 10 am, getting ready to saddle up and head west. That would be John Q (in hiding), Bill H on the wing, me in front doing the glasses-on glasses-off trick, Darren Sinofsky in the white helmet.

On top of Mount Greylock, what a beautiful day! - John Q, Me (Christoffer) Darren S, Dave S, Tim D, Christopher R-W.

"You want to take my pictur..." click  All of us are checking out the view. Tim is checking out the goodies. Bedding down for lunch is John, Steven, Tim, Me(Christoffer), Darren and Christopher.

Out by the Composting Toilets.. still on top of the Mtn.  Dave, Darren, John, Christoffer, Bill in back, and Tim.

Head'em up Move'm out - Rawhide!

Norman Rockwell Museum - Stockbridge, MA   Christoffer, Bill, Tim and  Darren - off to the side..

Thank you Darren for these pics, and to all who joined us in various stages of the ride, it was great.   See you next year!

edited 02/21/01