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The latest pictures as of April 2, 2004.

Sometime before Tim came home

Kai as a pirate
Kai with auntie Linda and uncle Paul
Kai watching TV with his bear Ford

Pictures from Tim in Korea with the foster family

Tim drinking his bottle
Tim with 'The Reds' hat
Kung Fu Tim
Lady Tim
Tim is taking a bath

Sharon is meeting Tim in Korea for the first time

Tim at Eastern

The Day Kai's brother arrives from Korea (September 10, 2002)

The Big Brother is waiting for Mommy to arrive from Korea
Sydne and Tim at the airport in Dulles, VA
Tim is meeting his daddy at the airport
Mommy and Tim the day they arrived
Tim is unpacking suitcases
Kai is holding his little brother Tim for the first time
Kai is feeding his brother Tim
Kai is holding his brother Tim
The boys are taking their first bath together
The boys at bed time
Our first breakfast together. Kai is feeding Tim
Tim at feeding time. Where are those little feet?
When 8 months old boys eat rice
When 3 year old boys eat Nutella
Happy Tim

Pictures from the Boys in September/October 2002

The Kids are watching a Clown at Emiliano's Birthday Party
Tim and Grandpa at the Neighbors Birthday Party
Tim and Kai with Mommy (shortly before Tim's first Haircut)
Happy Tim with Mommy
Tim Loves to take a Bath with Daddy

Uncle Paul's Birthday - October 2002

Uncle Paul is opening birthday presents
Auntie Linda is reading a book to Kai
Auntie Linda and Kai are helping Uncle Paul with his presents
Sharon and Kai at Sharon's baby-shower from the neighborhood moms
Auntie Linda and her sister Debbie
Linda's family is meeting Tim for the first time
Linda's parents
Kai is eating Tim's baby cookies
Ready for bed - Not really!
Daddy and Tim
Daddy and Tim, who is getting tired
Happy Face
Sad Face

Visiting the Pumpkin Patch - October 2002

Grandma and Tim in the pumpkin patch
Grandpa and Tim in the latest episode of "Wilhelm Tell"
Picking apples with Grandma
Mommy, here is one!
The boys in the pumpkin patch
The boys are tired looking for pumpkins
Load 'em up

Pictures from the Boys in November 2002

Returning from the Kill. The dinosour is too busy eating candy.
Dinosours like candy, too.
Daddy and Kai raking leaves.
Mommy, I'm not tired.
Look at my new hat.
Tim loves to do what his big brother does.
Kai is feeding Tim.
Kai and Tim playing.
Mommy and Tim.
Tim is learning to drink from a glass.
Tim playing at the train table. Note the hair cut.
Tim at play.
Tim's favorite fruit: Banana.
Tim at the playground.
Soooo sad.
Look! I can walk.

Tim's Birthday December 21, 2002

Kai and Jarret playing in his playroom.
The kids playing with the neighbor's play set.
Cara and Anna playing in the yard.
Michael Wagner playing soccer.
Michael and Kai during a "sword fight". Kai knows he is not supposed to play with swords or guns but this happened under the cover of darkness.
Violeta, Cara, and Tim on the swing.
Michael Wagner
A picture of Sharon taken by Kai.
A picture of grandma taken by Kai.
Emiliano and Emily
Sheila and Emily watching the kids.
Sheila and Emiliano.
Tim's friends at the party
Tim is waiting to get his picture taken. Not!
Little Tim. Unfortunately out of focus.
Stop that noise, please!
Tim in his hanbok, a gift from his foster mom.

Jedi Knights and other Heros - August 12, 2003

Hey! I'm even cooler than uncle Paul!
The Jedi knight and his master.
When I fit in these shoes I'm going to wear a belt like my daddy.
The three Musketeers! Kai, Tim, and Ben.
"I feel a little squished, guys!". The boys with Ben and auntie Linda.
"OK, the Teletubby IS bigger than me. But I don't just hang there. Right, mommy?"
Kai and his light saber during Paige's birthday party.
Kai's friend Paige preparing to blow out her birthday candles.
"Who says I can't eat just the icing?"

Christmas Time and Tim's Birthday - December 2003

The Nikolaus put cookies and oranges in here!
Checking out the loot.
Tim enjous the snow on Nikolaus day.
Our favourite toys (for today).
It's advents time.
The kids concert at Tim's birthday party.
Everybody wants to see our (oops!) Tim's new presents.
Kai is decorating the tree.
What did you do there?
Grandpa and the boys.
The first look at the new Christmas presents. Everybody is trying to put together Kai's Ninja Turtle Castle.
The boys eating Christmas cookies.
Tim, how old are you? Two!!!
Thar he blows! Uncle Paul is helping with his Christmas present.
Mommy, I'm going shopping now.
Caught by the sock police!

The New Year - January/February 2004

The entire family at Baby Ben's babtism.
It's Grandpa's birthday. We LOVE Grandpa!!!
We are the Reds!
... and you can't see me.
Cowboy Kai and Knight Tim.
I love you, Tim. Can I have your cookie?
It's time to cuddle the little sunshine.
I like Valentines since you get to have candy.
Our new family car. The Toyota Sienna 2000.

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